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Volunteering gives Tim a sense of purpose and satisfaction.


Volunteers like Tim work in Livewire’s in hospital program, supporting teenagers living with a serious illness, chronic health condition or disability. The program is open to young people aged 10 - 20.

“I studied art as a teenager, but I couldn’t see a future in it as a career. Much later in life, I volunteered as an Art Teacher’s Assistant where I rekindled my love of art. A friend who knew of my desire to work with youth and art told me about Livewire. The concept appealed to me as I would have more creative freedom to make a difference where it was really needed.”  

Tim, a Livewire volunteerLivewire volunteers help bring fun and normality into the lives of hospitalised teens. As well as providing engaging activities and social connection for young people, working with Livewire is a unique chance for volunteers to enhance their creative skills. 

“The Facilitators are exceptionally talented,” says Tim. “It has been a real pleasure helping them with their projects, pushing my artistic skills beyond what I thought I could do. Before Livewire I had done very little painting and never acted. Sharing skills and getting acknowledgement from artistic peers is a big buzz.”  

“My favourite thing about volunteering for Starlight is working with my friends. The strong bonds we have as a team empowers us to achieve the impossible,” says Tim. 

“I have fun with the patients, successfully distracting them from their unfortunate circumstances - it gives you a real sense of purpose and satisfaction. And it’s an environment where I can truly be myself.”

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I have made lifelong friends who continue to inspire and support me. Starlight manages to attract the most extraordinary people.
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Tim, Livewire Volunteer

While being a Livewire volunteer is mostly positive, it has both its ups and downs.  

“I’ve experienced the joy of patients growing up in their adolescent years,” says Tim. “I’ve also experienced the sadness when some don’t make it to adulthood.”  

Starlight’s volunteer community is vital to helping Starlight brighten the lives of seriously ill children and their families. “Since becoming a Livewire volunteer I've worked with so many positive and talented people,” says Tim. “I have made lifelong friends who continue to inspire and support me.  Starlight manages to attract the most extraordinary people.”

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