Bart enjoys making music with sick teens in the Livewire program


Hi, I’m Bart and I organise creative workshops for sick teens from 10 to 20 years old.

Bart, a Livewire FacilitatorOur program is designed to meet the unique needs of teenagers living with serious illness, injuries or disabilities by supporting their overall wellbeing and resilience. This could mean anything from producing music to making art, design, photography, film-making, animation, stencil art and so much more!

I help relieve the loneliness and boredom of being in hospital and relieve stress and anxiety by giving sick teens something else to think about during their stay.

For the last 20 years I’ve worked as a music producer and sound engineer so I’m able to bring these skills to the role. I love all forms of art and have produced a photography exhibition and many songs with the teens in my care.

What I love most about being a Livewire Facilitator is the chance to meet so many interesting teens who have quite remarkable stories. I love hanging out with them and giving them a chance to try something they may have never thought they were capable of. It’s a chance to normalise their time in the hospital.

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What I love most about being a Livewire Facilitator is the chance to meet so many interesting teens who have quite remarkable stories.
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Bart, Livewire Faciltator

It could be that we do something seemingly simple like chatting, playing cards, making a cake or painting a mural, but I’ve found simple things like this have a big impact. I run workshops most nights and I also check in with teens who are unable to leave their beds. We make creativity happen in the ward instead! 

I’m passionate about creating a spark in the imaginations of our sick teens.

In particular, I remember one 17-year-old who asked for advice on how to use his manual SLR camera. He became really interested in photography and took some amazing photos that ended up being the inspiration for our Photography Exhibition in the hospital foyer.

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