Captain Starlight

Captain Starlight loves to sing, paint faces & make balloons


Hello! I’m Captain Starlight! 

I've been travelling from Planet Starlight to Australia since 1991. I've hung out in heaps of children's hospitals in Sydney as well as regional hospitals in NSW. I've also spent some time in Aboriginal communities in Darwin & the Northern Territory.

Captain Curly!A day in the life of Captain Starlight is a day full of fun!  

After I land here on earth, I grab my big set of keys and open up the Starlight Express Room so all the kids get a chance to hang out in the coolest room in the hospital! Every day there’s a new surprise in the Starlight Express Room. You never know who you're gonna meet, what awesome craft you can create & what cool games you can play. Some kids like to play Twister, others like to challenge me on MarioKart, some paint a mural with me while others want to be transformed into a butterfly. Not only do I have lots of fun playing and creating, but I also get to meet amazing and special kids.

One of my favourite things to do is make music videos.  We dress up, learn some dance moves and lyrics and then we film ourselves and turn it into a cool video that we air on Starlight TV. Sometimes we even write the music ourselves and record it, which is even cooler! We also visit kids who need to stay in their ward. We tell jokes, make magic, paint nails, blow up animal balloons, play card games and have all sorts of fun.  

Captain Starlight craft

In the afternoon we do a live interactive show with the kids on Starlight TV.  We play Bingo, memory games & all sorts of quizzes and games about movies, songs, pets or anything interesting!   And of course we give out great prizes.  

I have the best job in the world! Not only do I get to meet the coolest kids every day, but I've also met and interviewed some awesome celebrities who’ve visited our Starlight Express Room including Pink, Delta Goodrem, Emma Stone and even Spiderman.

Being Captain Starlight is always super-fun!

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