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29 Oct '19
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Volunteers are essential members of the Starlight team. Not only is their dedication, positivity, enthusiasm and attitude an inspiration, our programs simply wouldn't happen without them! 

Since they give up their precious free time to brighten the lives of sick kids, the least we can do is organise a fun event as a way of saying "thanks!"

We've just wrapped up our 'Volunteer Thank You' events around the country. It was a joy to see our vollie community come together to celebrate the great work they do; they truly are a community like no other.

Thank you to every single one of our volunteers. Whether you volunteer a little, a lot, in the hospital or elsewhere - you do an incredible job helping to brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children, young people and their families.

volunteer thank you events

We also used the events to acknowledge a number of vollies who went above and beyond for Starlight this year. Special congratulations to:


  • David Gwyther
  • Monita Gonsalves 
  • Sourab Sebastian


  • Danielle Santoro
  • Jade Evans
  • Jay Stott
  • Stefan Testi


  • Amalia Buckerfield
  • Anthony Rogic
  • Brad Rapsey
  • Daniel Lacey
  • Lauren Bisiach
  • Lori Lygris
  • Melissa Penn
  • Samantha Barnett  


  • Charlotte Farmer
  • Hannah Tavian
  • Milly Farmer
  • Shelley Caeran 

Sydney & Newcastle

  • Caroline Schneider
  • Edie Griffin
  • Erin Boffo
  • Katie Morris
  • Louise Savage
  • Penny Pritchard
  • Victor Ishak


  • Andrea Gamble
  • Aya Torbey
  • Cherie Canning
  • Hien Le
  • Leone Shaw
  • Sebastien Sham

Huge thanks also to everyone who came together to make these events happen. Thank you to all those who attended, and to the following people and venues for their generosity and support:

volunteer thank you events

volunteer thank you events

volunteer thank you events

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