Your Guide to the Starlight Express Room


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29 Aug '17
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Everything you ever wanted to know about our Starlight Express Rooms is right here! 

What is the Starlight Express Room?

The Starlight Express Room is a like a playroom in hospital. It's where Captain Starlight creates a world of fun with games, arts, crafts, singing and dancing. It's a bright happy place that looks and feels nothing like hospital! There are no doctors or nurses allowed so kids and families can take a break from all things medical.

Starlight Express Room

Is Captain Starlight always there?

Yes! Captain Starlight is always in the Starlight Express Room to make hospital fun and less scary for kids.

Who can go to a Starlight Express Room?

Everyone is welcome! Whether you're in hospital for an appointment, a day, or for a longer stay, please come and say hi. Brothers, sisters and whole families are welcome too. Please note that kids under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

What can I do there?

The Starlight Express Room is all about fun and giving kids the chance to explore their imagination. There are board games, card games and all the latest computer games (Mario Kart's a favourite!). Kids can challenge Captain Starlight to a trivia quiz, sing songs, dance, watch a movie, have their face painted, enjoy arts and crafts and more. You may even spot a famous face making surprise visit!

Lego in the Starlight Express Room

Where and when can I access my nearest Starlight Express Room?

There's a Starlight Express Room in every children's hospital in Australia. Opening times vary per room, so check out the different locations and opening hours.

Is food allowed?

To make sure everyone is kept safe, no food or drink is allowed in the Starlight Express Room.

Do I have to pay?

No. Thanks to the generosity of supporters and the community, the Starlight Express Room is available for everyone and there is no charge!

What are the benefits?

The Starlight Express Room is where kids get to be kids again. Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Room programs increase wellbeing, reduce stress and anxiety and help kids forget about being sick. As a result, kids feel more positive about coming to hospital, are more likely to attend appointments and that helps health professionals too. The Starlight Express Room make kids WANT to come to hospital! 

We'll let the kids tell you themselves...

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