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Ron is a public speaker who works hard promoting Starlight.


Ron is a confident and experienced public speaker. “I’m a motivational speaker and personal development author,’ says Ron.  “A few years ago, I approached the Starlight Children’s Foundation to offer my services as a speaker.  I had extensive experience in public speaking contests and had a professional speaking career, so I had something to offer to a charity that was so dear to me. “

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The vision and mission of Starlight resonated with me. Starlight strives to make a very positive impact on the lives of children in hospitals.
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Ron, Starbassador

Volunteering with Starlight is a great way of using personal strengths and skills to brighten the lives of sick children and their families.  

“I wanted my public speaking experience to make a positive impact,” says Ron.   “The vision and mission of Starlight resonated with me.  Starlight strives to make a very positive impact on the lives of children in hospitals. I spent time in hospital as a child, so I know what children in hospital need - to be uplifted and have fun.”  

Starlight’s public speaking volunteers are known as Starbassadors.

“I became a Starbassador in 2012,” says Ron.   “I remember receiving a phone call to let me know my first Starlight speaking opportunity had arisen.  Was I ready for it?  You bet!  That was the beginning of my Starlight journey.  Since then, I’ve spoken at various events and cheque presentations on behalf of Starlight.”  

Ron, Starbassador for Starlight

One of Ron's favourite things about volunteering is the people. “I love the people I’ve met through volunteering,” says Ron.  “The team at Starlight, my fellow volunteers and the people at events where I’ve been a speaker are so friendly, compassionate and giving.  Many friendships have been formed in my life thanks to Starlight.”

Many volunteers, like Ron, also choose to support Starlight in other ways.  

“I have also volunteered at events, not as a public speaker, but to help with fundraising and whatever needs doing,” says Ron. “I’ve helped at fundraisers such as the Starlight Five Chefs Dinner and the Star Ball."

“Thank you Starlight for providing me with such a fulfilling experience, time and time again. I love being a Starbassador!”

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