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Ian’s contribution brightens the lives of sick children.


Ian is a Firefighter who loves his job.  He’s a family man who enjoys exploring Australia’s outback, listening to country music and team adventure racing. He also happens to be a volunteer Starlight Wishgranter.

Ian, a Starlight volunteer at his job as a firefighter “I’ve been a volunteer since 2004, predominantly in Wishgranting and I’ve also helped at events and fundraised on Starlight Day.  I’ve worked on around 70 wishes so far,” says Ian.  “I’m also a Starbassador which means I do public speaking to promote Starlight.”

Ian was inspired to volunteer as a legacy to two young friends who died.

“The loss of two dear young family friends that passed away at ages 16 and 19 with cystic fibrosis inspired me to volunteer with Starlight.  They were junior groomsmen at our wedding and both were granted Starlight Wishes over 20 years ago."

Not only does Ian get to make a huge difference in the lives of sick children and their families, he draws inspiration from them.  

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I love that all the Starlight team really value their volunteers; it is such a pleasure working with them.
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Ian, Starlight Volunteer

“What I love most about volunteering with Starlight is meeting so many great people that inspire me with their strength in very difficult circumstances, knowing that my contribution can help to brighten their lives,“ says Ian.  “I also love that all the Starlight families really value their volunteers, it is such a pleasure to work with them.”  

As well as volunteering, Ian is a Starlight fundraiser, participating in activities such as the Great Adventure Challenge and raising money for Starlight’s programs.   This is a great way of combining his love of fitness and team events with his passion for brightening the lives of sick children.  

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