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Danielle's internship was invaluable for her career growth.


The skills and learnings Danielle experienced as an intern with Starlight have been invaluable in her career growth.

“I was studying for a degree in Human Resources and I was finding it hard to find part time work in that field – let alone in an industry I was passionate about,” says Danielle.  “When I came across the Starlight internship opportunity, it definitely felt right. I was so heavily invested in my learning that an unpaid internship was worth the time.”  

After completing the interview process, Danielle started her internship within the People and Culture team. “I instantly knew I could start to build my HR skills and my career foundation with Starlight,” says Danielle. “The emotional connection to the Starlight brand, the cause and the families all inspired me too. The whole experience was invaluable to me personally and professionally. “

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At Starlight, there is such an emotional connection to the cause and the organisation drives you to do your best each day - you know a child's smile is dependent on your work.
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Danielle, Starlight Intern

“My first project was to design an induction program,” says Danielle. “Part of this project included creating an Employee Value Proposition which was really interesting. I have a soft spot for Starlight. I’m also lucky enough to work with them every day in my role at Flexigroup as their contact centre is located in our business!”

Danielle, former Starlight internThe internship with Starlight not only enhanced learning for Danielle, but also was a unique and life-changing opportunity to witness the impact Starlight has on seriously ill children.  

“I got to spend some time in the Starlight Express Room, which was so rewarding and emotional,” says Danielle.  “Playing and talking to children who were going through what some people never dream of is a priceless experience. At Starlight, there is such an emotional connection to the cause and the organisation drives you to do your best each day - you know a child’s smile is dependent on your work.”

“I really enjoyed my internship with Starlight. Starlight helps Australian children and families forget about the most challenging time in their lives, putting smiles on the faces of thousands of children by enabling their wishes to come true.”  

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