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Catherine feels humbled that she can help children in hospital.


Thanks to volunteers like Catherine, children in hospital can play and have fun. 

“I was at university doing a science degree and wanted to contribute in some way,” says Catherine. “As an adult, hospitals are rather formidable and I couldn’t imagine what it must be like for a child and their family. Starlight provided me with an insight into this life and I’m humbled that I can help normalise a child's experience going into and staying in hospital.”

Catherine is a volunteer in the Starlight Express Room where Captain Starlight, a magical superhero from the Planet Starlight (it’s true!) makes fun and mayhem the order of the day.

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I am humbled that I can help normalise a child's experience going into and staying in hospital.
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Catherine, Starlight volunteer

Volunteers welcome families into the Starlight Express Room, encourage children to join in the activities, play with the children as well as keep the room clean and organised. It’s a truly rewarding volunteer experience - and a messy one with much paint, glue and glitter.

Catherine also volunteers for Starlight at an array of events.   

“I started my Starlight journey in the Starlight Express Room. I still have shifts there and I’ve also taken on new roles such as being the Starlight mascot, Star Girl, at events. These include family fun days and AFL matches – I got to be in a mascot race at the MCG!  I’ve also helped at the famous Starlight Five Chefs Dinner in Melbourne.”

Catherine organises her volunteering with Starlight around her busy life. She is a Geologist and takes time out from volunteering for fieldwork, most recently in southern Madagascar.

Catherine, a Starlight volunteer at her day job“I also like teaching and communicating science – many of my drawings in the Starlight Express Room are of volcanoes or outer space!”  says Catherine. 

Making children smile, especially in their darkest days, is a special reward for Catherine.

“My favourite moment volunteering in the Starlight Express Room, and when I am at an event dressed as the Starlight mascot, is watching a child smile and the expression of the parent who tells me that’s the happiest they’ve seen their child in days,” says Catherine.  “This happens rather often. The other children in the room, or at the event, really sense it too.”  

“There is a special camaraderie within Starlight and as a volunteer you feel part of a massive team doing a lot of good,” Catherine says.

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