If you need to know fun facts about planes, trains, boats and helicopters - just ask five-year-old Xavier!

He's super inquisitive and is always keen to find out how things work. His mum Nerida says he's happiest when he's active and loves going at 'full speed' - he's an 'all or nothing' type of kid!

Sadly, since he was a toddler Xavier's world has been consumed by hospital. In 2015 at just 23 months old, he was diagnosed with Stage 3 bladder cancer (Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma).

Nerida said the shock was unimaginable.

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At the moment of Xavier's diagnosis we felt like our world had been turned upside down. Hearing the words 'your child has cancer' is something you never get over.
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Nerida, Xavier's mum

In that instant, every aspect of family life changed forever.

"Suddenly we were on constant alert and second-guessing every little bruise, bump and temperature. It changes you - watching your baby fight for their life," she said.

It was hard on Xavier's older sister Indrya who missed playing with her little brother. The family spent so much time at the Queensland Children's Hospital for Xavier's treatment, his parents made the difficult decision to relocate from Townsville to Brisbane to make the commute easier.

Xavier in hospital

Xavier endured agonising rounds of chemotherapy and endless scans, tests and appointments.

Already he's endured 45 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery and targeted radiation.

Xavier in hospital

Thankfully, the Starlight Express Room helped provide a "refuge" when Xavier was well enough to visit, post treatment. It's a place for Xavier to hang and relax between lengthy wait times.

Xavier loves the 'purple people' (Captain Starlights) and still visits them on outpatient trips. In fact when told by his Mum that he has to leave them at the hospital to head home, he's in tears!

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Captain Starlights light up the day and bring the smiles after all the tears. They are the positive ending to a traumatic time.
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Nerida, Xavier's mum

Amid all of Xavier's pain and sadness, in September he received the exciting news he will soon have his Starlight Wish granted.

Xavier Wish itinerary

He immediately put his inquisitive mind to work and decided on a wish that's about all things transport! Xavier and his family are heading to Melbourne to experience every mode of transport possible.

But first - Xavier's amazing adventure will begin with a flight simulator experience with our Official Wishgranting Partner Virgin Australia on a Boeing B777 in Brisbane. He will then take to the skies and fly in a real plane.

Arriving in Melbourne, Xavier will climb aboard Puffy Billy - a magnificent 100-year-old steam train. The trip will take the family through the rainforests of the Dandenong Ranges to relax and unwind together.

The next day they'll be aboard for a Classic Riverboat cruise along the iconic Yarra River. Then it'll be time to take flight in a scenic helicopter ride and round out their incredible holiday at Melbourne Zoo.

Xavier's Starlight Wish will be an unforgettable family adventure that will take him a world away from hospital. The anticipation and planning has given Xavier something fun to focus on and he can't wait to be 'transported' on his Starlight Wish!

Xavier and family

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