A superhero in the making!


MiaMia's a bright, bubbly kid who loves being with her four brothers. Her favourite food in the world is her mum's amazing pancakes. She's super creative and can often be found in the kitchen mixing up a batch of slime!

Doing all these fun things is what being a kid is all about, and that's why Starlight supporters are so important.

When her illness takes her away from all these things that she loves, Mia has something fun and positive to focus on to help her forget about being sick.

Mia suffers from a rare bleeding disorder known as chronic Idiopathic Thrombocytapenic Purpura and has to be in hospital every few weeks for check-ups and treatment.

The highlight of every hospital visit is seeing Captain Starlight. Mia can escape the harsh reality of her illness and have some fun with Captain Starlight in the Starlight Express Room

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Captain Starlight brings Mia so much joy, makes her laugh, brings out her creativity and distracts her from the negativity and isolation of her illness.
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Cheryl, Mia's mum

When she' s in the Starlight Express Room, Mia loves art and craft and playing card games with Captain Starlight. Cheryl said that Starlight has helped the whole family cope.

"Captain Starlight not only lifts her spirits but also lifts ours, seeing her so happy," she said.

To Mia, Captain Starlight is a 'real life' superhero who helps sick kids laugh, forget about their illness and just be kids again.

Mia and Captain Starlight

Because of the positive impact Captain Starlight has on Mia, she wanted to show everybody at school who her superhero was. So on superhero day, Mia dressed up as Captain Starlight!

And to make sure everyone knew just how amazing Starlight has been, Mia's class held a special wish day and Mia talked about Captain Starlight, put up flyers, handed out stickers and even collected donations.

Mia, what a star you are!

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