Sixteen-year-old Mackenziee says it’s "pretty awesome" being a triplet.

The siblings get along well and have their good days and bad days. The family motto "all for one-one for all" has helped unite them through years of pain and sadness.

As a baby, Mackenziee was diagnosed with a form of Cerebral Palsy known as spasticity diplegia.

Mum Raelene said they'd noticed that she wasn’t crawling like her two brothers, but nothing prepared them for the shock of the diagnosis.

"We felt numb but were determined not to let this define our little girl," Raelene said.

Affectionally known as Mackie to her family, the teen has endured 40 operations and procedures, with still more to come.

"It's been hard on all of us. Mackie and I are at the hospital a lot for specialists, surgeries and rehab – often for up to six weeks at a time," Raelene said.

Being a teenager in hospital can be especially hard. Mackie said she's so thankful she had Starlight's Livewire program helping her cope with her illness and treatment as she hit her high school years.

"When you're at school, no one really gets you. But with Livewire they just get you, they know how you’re feeling and how to help you," she said.

During her long stays in hospital, Mackie had the support of the Livewire community. It gave her a 'safe place' where she could express herself and not feel judged.

As a keen writer, Raelene said Livewire has helped her daughter to communicate and share her story with others.

Mackie said: "I write short stories about my life and how I've been dealing with my disability and post them on Livewire on-line. It helps other kids to see there is light in their situation and that they’re not alone." 

The family said Starlight has helped them create happy memories during very difficult times.

Mackie was recently granted her Starlight Wish to visit Thredbo.

"It was the first time we'd all seen the snow! It was such an amazing feeling and it’s an experience I will never forget."

To Starlight supporters Raelene said, "Thank you for bringing joy and happiness helping make kids’ dreams possible." 

Livewire has played such an important role in Mackie's life: "It's made me smile and made me happy to know that people care about you and are there for you." 

Mackie said it’s helped opened up so many doors and she's hoping to study journalism in the future to continue her passion for storytelling.

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