Lachlan in hospitalAn avid reader and writer, Lachlan's childhood dream was to be a published author.

Describing himself as an "eccentric perfectionist", he loves Dungeons and Dragons, paintball, laser tag and all things sci-fi. 

Tragically, at 17 Lachlan's life was shattered when he was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer.

His dreams and ambitions were put on hold as he endured a year of gruelling treatment for Osteosarcoma.

Lachlan had to defer his first year of university as he spent countless hours in and out of hospitals undergoing surgery and relentless rounds of chemotherapy.

Lachlan in hospital

The eldest of three brothers, Lachlan's illness and treatment took its toll on the whole family.

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Suddenly we were thrown into a devastating circumstance where we survived purely thanks to the help of others. There are so many simple luxuries that are taken for granted when you don't have cancer - my family really struggled with the ongoing financial strain.
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Doing his best to remain positive during his treatment, Lachlan began writing a novel.

And now, with the granting of his Starlight Wish, his long-held ambition to become an author has come true.

Thanks to an introduction through Starlight Wish Circle, the sci-fi fantasy novel Lachlan wrote during his illness has been produced with the assistance of Scholastic Australia. 

Lachlan in book meeting

Titled Angels Under the Earth, the novel tells the story of a guardian angel, and Lachlan is incredibly thankful for the generosity of supporters coming together to make his wish a reality.

"Starlight is fulfilling a dream that would not be possible on my own, and one that motivated me to get through my cancer treatment," Lachlan said. "I've made so many contacts I never imagined I would meet in person and it has allowed me to experience the publication process first-hand for the first time."

Lachlan gained valuable insights into the publishing world and worked with Scholastic Australia editors on various drafts and edits, meeting with cover designers, going to print, and finally topping it off with an incredible book launch. 

Lachlan holding his book at Book Launch

Hosted by Australian author and presenter, James O'Loghlin, Lachlan was joined by family, friends and supporters to launch his debut novel at his favourite bookshop, Galaxy Bookshop in Sydney. 

Lachlan's Q&A

After a Q&A session with James, Lachlan was kept busy signing copies of his book for all his literary fans! 

Lachlan signing books

Lachlan's condition is now stable, and he has started his Bachelor of Psychology degree. He said his wish has helped mark a turning point in his life.

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Having originally written this manuscript while undergoing chemotherapy, Starlight has let me transform my cancer journey from a meaningless one to a journey that led to the creation of something I can take pride in.
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And to Starlight supporters, Lachlan said, "Thank you to the many who have spared their time or money for the few who have so little. The release of my novel will begin paving the road to my childhood dream of becoming a published author. I'm filled with an invaluable sense of fulfillment."

Lachlan and his family

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