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Team Carnage, five years of successful fundraising


In 2010, a group of eight friends and colleagues who love the thrill of adventure racing banded together to form Team Carnage.  

Coming from varied professions including the fitness industry, management and IT, Team Carnage are united by their passion for Starlight’s vital work. 

As parents, aunts and uncles they have all seen the impact Starlight makes on the lives of seriously ill children first hand. So they decided to put their enthusiasm for sport to good use and fundraise for Starlight – they’ve never looked back.

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If you're passionate about your cause, like we are about Starlight, it's contagious and inspiring. When you fundraise with like-minded people the possibilities are endless.
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Richard O'Donnell, Team Carnage member

After competing in Starlight’s Great Adventure Challenge, Team Carnage felt there was more they could do for Starlight. 

At first they tried selling fundraising chocolates and annual entertainment books. While these were great recurring sources of income, they wanted to think bigger. 

Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, they looked to those who do it for a living – Starlight! That’s when they realised one of the best ways to fundraise is to engage a larger network to fundraise on your behalf.

With this in mind, they combined their shared love of fitness, team challenges and the great outdoors to create events where a large network of participants could get involved and in turn engage their own networks to raise funds. This became their recipe for success! 

“Over the last four years we’ve been able to raise close to $90,000 for Starlight without any corporate backing,” says team captain Richard O'Donnell. “It’s a number we never dreamed was possible.” 

Ensuring the message is constantly out there has proved very effective in maintaining support. The team post videos of training sessions (even pole dancing!) and keep an active social media profile. 

Team Carnage members“If you’re passionate about your cause, like we are about Starlight, its contagious and inspiring,” says Richard. “When you fundraise with like-minded people the possibilities are endless.” 

Fun also seems to be an important part of the mix! Team Carnage members boast nicknames like Mighty Mouse, Disco Dan and Glamazon. 

“While these names are not your traditional superhero names,” says Richard. “We feel like super heroes to each other and hopefully to the kids we’ve helped.” 

But for Richard and the team, the most fulfilling part of fundraising for Starlight isn’t winning the team challenges or smashing their personal bests, it comes after the race is over.

“When we sit down together and count up the money raised, we feel the effort has been worth it,” says Richard. “Knowing this money will help a sick child get a little bit of happiness at what is normally a very hard time is priceless.”

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