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Tommy is a fun-loving kid, with a heart of gold


tommy-champion-in-starlight-singlet"It's not nice when you have to sit out and watch others have fun, I want sick kids to have fun too."

Six-year-old Tommy from NSW ran the 2km dash in the Gold Coast Marathon to raise money for Starlight. He really enjoyed running with his Dad, Paul, and other runners, and had so much that he's already planning already planning to do a longer run next year!

Tommy loves training with his Dad, especially their morning runs along the beach. His top training tip: just focus on something up ahead and run to it.

Tommy has a heart of gold. When asked why he wanted to fundraise for Starlight, his first thought was simply that all kids should be allowed to have fun. An ethos Starlight definitely agrees with!

Tommy loves having fun - from running around the soccer field to splashing at the beach with his fellow Nippers, surfing, and getting creative with his LEGO. He also loves playing with his friend's puppy, Huey, and helping out by dog-sitting. Tommy is a born helper and wants to be a Surf Livesaver when he grows up!

A 2km dash may seem like a long run for a 6-year-old, but this challenge wasn't too big for Tommy who loves to run. He thought it would be a fun way to help sick kids, and was beyond excited when he received his Starlight running singlet, which he will wear proudly in the upcoming race. Tommy was supported by his amazing family and friends who helped him smash his fundraising goal of $500. He has incredibly raised over $770 on his fundraising page so far, which is enough to help bring fun, joy and laughter to over 19 sick kids in hospital - well done Tommy!

There are loads of ways to be like Tommy and fundraise for sick kids. Find out how you can help!

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