The Gee Family Light Show

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Every year one lucky street in Aberglassyn NSW is treated to the spectacular Gee Family Light Show, programmed and built by Brenton and Emma Gee.

Programming of the songs and lyrics, then the light show, starts in March. With both Christmas and non-Christmas songs in the mix, each song can take 60-80 hours to program, followed by building props and wiring up the lights. The careful sequencing of around 20,000 lights ensures a spectacular light show, including clever singing Christmas trees!

The Gee Family Light Show

All the effort is well worth it when kids and big-kids alike can experience some Christmas joy, with visitors travelling from two hours away just to experience the colourful show. 

In 2018 the light spectacular included 15 songs, with the most popular being ‘The Greatest Show’ and a Wiggles mash-up. Check it out:

Their presentation of 'The Greatest Show' even featured among 350 light shows worlwide. Catch them at 0:57, bottom left corner.

The Gee Family believes Starlight does a wonderful job for sick kids, helping them to have fun at times when they are struggling with illness, and wanted to help anyway they could.

The show plays every night during the festive season, and visitors are encouraged to contribute to the large donation box kindly built and donated by SRC Building. The family also often receives donations from companies when they see the show and are inspired to support Starlight. In 2018, the family raised over $3,500 that will go a long way to bring fun, joy and laughter to sick kids. 

Do you have a clever way to fundraise for sick kids? There are loads of ways you can support Starlight!

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