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A Starlight Mum going the distance for sick kids


This month Tammy is diving in and going the distance for sick kids because she knows - first hand - the joy that Starlight brings to sick kids like her son, Mac.

Mac doesn't let his disability get in the way of enjoying life. Last year Mac was seriously ill when he was granted a wish to swim with the dolphins - and boy was he excited! Mac was well looked after as he fed penguins and chilled out with a seal, but was in his element when he was swimming with the dolphins. He spent half an hour playing and swimming with Bella, a cheeky 13 year old dolphin, and particularly loved sharing the whole experience with his brother Charlie.

Jack on his motorbike, and with his siblings

The day was such a special experience for the family, Mac's dad - Greg - sharing: “As a family we are truly grateful for these memories that will last a life time.

Jack in the pool, going the distance for sick kids

Tammy has joined swimming super heroes across the country and has set herself a huge target of 20kms to swim and is well on her way to smashing her fundraising target. If you'd like, you can donate and support Tammy and her super swimming efforts.

There are loads of ways to be like Tammy and fundraise for sick kids. Find out how you can help!

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