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Ultimate game: fundraising for sick kids


Paul, better known in the gaming community as Pestily, has been gaming since he was a teenager. Cutting his teeth on the classic consoles Commodore 64 and Atari, he found his real passion as a teenager when he and his cousin played various games and going to LAN events together. 

Pestily - displaying rewards and at his gaming console

When he finished school Pestily joined the Australian army, and after eight years he decided to explore a new career path. In his first week out of the army, Pestily tried streaming as a way to meet new friends in the gaming community. He enjoyed it so much that he decided to make a job out of it, so by May 2018 Pestily was a partnered Twitch streamer, and in January 2019 he could officially call it his full-time job – what a dream!

When he's not gaming, Pestily is skate-boarding, rock-climbing, fishing, and hanging out with his family, his wife and their dog, Lindsie.

Pestily - smiling on holiday and in Game Changers beanie

Pestily's favourite thing about gaming and streaming is the supportive and genuine connections he shares with friends and within the gaming community. He loves that gaming opens up a world for people to try new and exciting things that they might not normally have access to. From friends solving puzzles together and working as a team towards an objective, to flying a plane in a flight simulator, the adventures are endless!

Whilst many gamers are introduced to the world at a young age, Pestily encourages everyone to give it a go - "there are games for everyone!" If you're interested in streaming, try it out for fun first and see how it goes. If you're streaming simply for the love of it, no matter how far it goes, you're guaranteed to enjoy yourself!

Pestily joined scores of streamers for Starlight's Game Changers in 2019, where he raised a massive $25K for sick kids. Inspired to keep up the good work, and after he learned that a close friend's little sister spent some time in the Starlight Express Room, the decision to keep supporting Starlight through streaming was an easy decision to make.

Pestily - saluting with Captain Starlight

In 2020 Pestily has set himself a massive goal to raise $1 million dollars for Starlight. His first 'sell-out' stream that went live on 25 February, raised over $160K in 24 hours straight. By offering prizes and completing challenges as he hit various fundraising milestones, Pestily smashed his original goal of $100K in one stream - pretty good for a day's work!

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