Nicola Finch

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From Starlight kid to Starlight supporter


"Giving sick kids something to look forward to while they are sick is one of the most important things. It definitely helped me through my recovery."

Normally a very healthy kid, 14-year-old Nicola was rushed to hospital after becoming suddenly dizzy and very sick and was quickly diagnosed with a brain bleed. This came as quite a shock to the family, as Nicola was rushed to hospital for emergency brain surgery. Following her surgery, Nicola was in intensive care for 5 nights, followed by a further two and a half weeks in hospital, and months of recovery.

Determined to get back to her life, Nicola was back at school part time within a couple months, and ultimately suffered only some minor eyesight defects and short-term memory loss.

Nicola Finch and her Starlight Wish gifts

Through the tough days of medical treatments and receiving bad news, and months of difficult recovery, Nicola still recalls the joy of being able to look forward to her Starlight Wish. Calling it "definitely one of the BEST days of my life", Nicola enjoyed a private tour at the NSW Art Gallery, and received a laptop and a camera. Not only does she continue to recall fond memories of that day, the laptop helped her through high-school and now her uni degree.

Today Nicola is living her best life. She got her driver’s licence, despite being told she wouldn’t be able, and is currently studying to be a foreign languages teacher.

Nicola Finch - happy and healthy

Following their experiences with Starlight, Nicola and her family appreciate the importance of giving kids a break through the pain of illness. Nicola is currently participating in Starlight’s Sugar Free Me Challenge, and is well on her way to smashing a huge fundraising target of $1,000.

Nicola's top fundraising tip: "Don't be afraid to ask your friends, family and workplace to help and spread it on social media". You can support Nicola to help Starlight to give sick kids something to look forward to.

Does Nicola’s story inspire you do help give sick kids something to look forward to? There are loads of ways that you can fundraise to support Starlight. It’s also not too late to sign up for Starlight’s Sugar Free Me, and help give a dose of happiness to sick kids.

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