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Ain't no mountain high enough...


"I'm here to be part of something greater than myself."

Passionate about being a positive influence on those around her, Jacinta loves to be active, finding the fun in every situation, and adding value to people's lives by helping to build their confidence.

Through every element of this challenge, Jacinta considers it an opportunity to relate to, and empathise with kids and families who are struggling daily with illness. She understands how important it is to create an environment where kids can just be kids, have fun, and re-discover the joy of childhood, especially at a time that can otherwise be scary and painful.

Wanting to support Starlight and help to brighten the lives of sick kids in a fun and meaningful way, Jacinta has decided to push herself outside of her comfort zone and challenge herself in a new way. She considered many different types of endurance activities, but it was her love of mountains and the outdoors that inspired her to do a long trek.

Jacinta Robinson - fun mountain selfies

Her mountain of choice - Flinders Peak Mountain, Ipswich - provides a beautiful combination of hiking, steep inclines, rock climbing and amazing scenery. Jacinta is going to hike the 7km up and down Flinders Peak Mountain five times. That's a 35km hike, up a steep mountain with a maximum elevation of 680m!

Throughout her preparation for the hike, Jacinta has recognised how important it is to take care of herself: "There are many days I feel tired both physically and mentally, but I have learnt I must keep pushing forward. It's incredible what you can achieve when you don't give up!"

Jacinta Robinson stretching on top of the mountain

Jacinta encourages anyone considering doing a fundraiser to find a purpose they deeply believe in, and put in the effort - "it will be worth it!" Her top fundraising tip: just be bold and ask for support.

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Does Jacinta's hike initiative inspire you to help sick kids? There are loads of way that you can fundraise, find out how you can help!

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