Kieren Perkins

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Former Olympic Swimmer


Kieren Perkins

Kieren's sporting achievements are legendary with 11 world records, 2 Olympic Gold, 2 Olympic Silver and more than a dozen Commonwealth and World Championship swimming medals. Kieren was an integral member of the successful Australian delegation sent to Monaco in 1993 to bid for the 2000 Olympics.

Since his retirement from swimming in 2000, Kieren has been transferring his knowledge and experience to businesses around the world, including his current position as GM, Enablement, Business and Private Bank at NAB.

Kieren has served on multiple boards in corporate, government and not for profit causes, including being a proud Starlight board member.

Starlight's mission is one that Kieren holds close to his heart, understanding from personal experience the stress and loneliness hospital visits can cause for a child undergoing treatment, having been hospitalised after a serious accident in his own childhood.

Kieren has strongly supported Starlight over many years, appearing at numerous Starlight events and being a strong advocate for new Starlight Express Room builds and refurbishments around Australia.

In 2019, Kieren kindly lent his endorsing Starlight Super Swim encouraging swimmers to take part in this new and exciting fundraising challenge with motivational, health and fitness tips.

Kieren Perkins

He said, "I've been a proud Starlight Ambassador for over a decade and I've seen first-hand the immense impact and joy Starlight's programs bring to the lives of sick kids and young people." He is passionate about the role Starlight Express Rooms play in easing treatment and recovery for sick kids.

He is passionate about the role Starlight Express Rooms play in easing treatment and recovery for sick kids.

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In the room, the kids literally step over the threshold and you just see the smile come on their faces and their eyes light up around Captain Starlight.
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Kieren Perkins, Starlight Ambassador & Luminary

When asked why he chooses to support Starlight as an Ambassador, Kieren said: "To be involved with Starlight and to see the amazing joy it brings to the lives of seriously ill children, is knowing that you’re not just helping one child with one issue, you’re actually giving a whole generation of children some joy to help them get through what can only be described as an immensely challenging and emotionally difficult time."

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