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27 Feb '19
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"Volunteering for others is the perfect way to make a small difference in the lives of others, and it's so rewarding. Every day is unique and the interactions with the children are all memorable. It might take out some of your time, but the experiences you'll have will be worth every second.

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I think the best part of being a Starlight vollie is the unique moments you have with each child that comes into the Starlight Express Room. It's the best feeling knowing that you've played a part in brightening up a child's day. They'll come in and you can tell they're feeling shy and down, and they leave with this massive smile having had the best time doing crafts or playing games.
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There have been so many heart-warming and fun moments! One memorable experience that comes to mind was a kid who I played video games with, and spent time chatting to. He was just so appreciative of the whole place - the room, the volunteers, and the Captain Starlights, he just couldn't stop thanking us and that really reaffirmed that we're making a difference. We enable kids to just have fun! And that's so important.

My goal is to work in the health and medical field, and I wanted to begin to make a difference in patients' lives. For kids, the Starlight Express Room is the perfect place to get away from all the medical talk. So Starlight gives me the chance to make a difference in these children's lives, not from a medical standpoint but by just allowing them to have fun among the difficulties they're going through.

And I believe that we allow these children to have more balance in their lives, which is so important to have when navigating through hard times."

Has Nam's story inspired you? We have all kinds of volunteering opportunities available! Head over to our Volunteering page to find out more.

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