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24 Jul '19
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We're thrilled to introduce another of our incredible volunteers to you. This is Carly!

Carly is a busy mum who works full time. As well as juggling these commitments, she finds the time to regularly volunteer in our Starlight Express Room in Darwin. She's a real hit with Captain Starlight and the kids!

We love her enthusiasm for all things Starlight, her dedication to volunteering and that she often shares her amazing ideas with us. She engages with all the children who visit the room, encouraging them to enjoy the moment and simply be kids - so important when they're facing other challenges in hospital.

Carly has been volunteering with us for 12 months and is an absolute delight to work alongside. Let’s hear from our Vollie Star herself:

"Every year I set myself New Year 'challenges' rather than resolutions. 2018's challenge was to volunteer and when I looked around, Starlight seemed like the best opportunity. Having children myself, and coming from a daycare background, I was really excited to give it a go.

I've been told I've now done over 50 hours but I’m not counting, and it doesn't feel like that! Time flies when you're having fun, right?

I just love the feeling I get knowing that for at least a couple of hours, I helped a child forget why they're in hospital.

I also really get a kick out of learning how to make balloon animals with Captain Starlight! It's fun but tricky, and the kids really love it.

From having my own kids, and a niece who had to make a few hospital visits, I know that staying in hospital can be a scary and daunting thing. Being able to make it a bit more fun and exciting for them is a great thing, and I love that I get to do that!"

Has Carly's story inspired you? We have all kinds of volunteering opportunities available! Head over to our Volunteering page to find out more.

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