The Power of Positivity


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Starlight's all about the power of positive distraction, helping sick kids feel happier, more confident and resilient. That's why we're sharing out top tips on how to add a healthy boost of positivity into your own everyday routine. It's a win for well-being!

Stay active

Just getting moving can get the endorphins fired up (otherwise known as the "feel good" chemicals) and can help you feel better about just about everything. Yes it takes a little more time out of an already busy life, but try getting off the bus a stop earlier, use the stairs instead of the lift, or take a quick walk around the block at lunchtime. Every bit helps!

Build strong networks

Us humans are basically social beings! Our relationships build a sense of who we are, which can be important in reducing stress. Building stronger networks is simply about spending more quality time with the people who matter to us. Simple things like sharing a meal with a colleague, coffee with your partner or ringing an old friend for a chat.

Help others

Good news! Generosity makes us healthier. When we do something good for someone else, the release of endorphins brings about a "helper's high" and helps fight stress. Research has proven that having a generous attitude greatly improves our immune system. So helping out is a win-win for your well-being and for everyone involved.

Connect with nature

A Stanford-led study found that walking in nature could lead to a lower risk of depression. And depression is often closely linked to stress. So getting out in the garden, park or any green space will help fight stress. So say hello nature and hello calm!

Think Positive

When you get stressed it’s very easy to get into a spiral of negativity. Thoughts like: "I didn’t do that well." This is called the brain’s negativity bias. If you can help to cast this negative voice aside, you’ll have a much better chance of getting on top of things. Try writing down three positive things from each day (it may just become a habit!).


It's so easy to say 'relax', but can be hard you’re wound up. So find what’s right for you. It could be mindfulness, meditation, yoga, listening to music, walking or reading. Try to find time to relax each day and see how refreshed and recharged you feel.

Share these tips around and watch the positivity grow!

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