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16 Aug '17
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Kris' Starlight Wish comes to life

August 15, 2017 - a day we're certain 20-year-old Kris won't ever forget. 

If you're not super familiar with Kris' story, here's a little run down. A lover of all things cars, Kris bought a 1982 Holden Ute back in 2016, with big plans to restore it with the help of his mates, dad and brother. It was to be a labour of love, and a celebration of having just finished school. But not long after, his world was turned upside down - he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. Intense chemotherapy began right away, and that's when a Starlight Wish came into the picture. 

Kris wished for his Holden Ute to be restored while he recovered - and after over 12 months of blood sweat and tears, and a whole community rallying together to make it come true, August 15 finally rolled around - the day Kris would see the final product. 

The atmosphere was absolutely buzzing; the space was full of Kris' loved ones and of course, the team who put so much time and effort into his newly restored car, all sharing in Kris' excitement. Safe to say you could almost taste the anticipation in the air!

Team before reveal

Kris hadn't seen the car at all in the last 12 months, since it was essentially just a shell waiting to be done up, so the look on his face when we counted down and finally pulled that cover off was priceless.

It was an incredibly special moment - just knowing how much work, community spirit and care was put into making Kris' dream come true, and how much it all meant to Kris, was enough to make us all a little teary! 

Kris with Sunrise

Kris' car with team

And there it is - how gorgeous is it?! Kris couldn't wait to get in and take it for a little spin around the block with girlfriend Emma by his side. He also let us know he'd love to use his beautiful new car to raise awareness for leukaemia as well as Starlight - what a champion, right?

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All I can say is thank you to everyone involved, thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is the happiest day of my life.
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All in all, it was an incredible morning - we're so thankful to every single supporter who helped make Kris' Starlight Wish a reality; there's no way we could've done it without you. 


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