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23 Apr '20
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Because happiness matters, now more than ever

Life as we know it has been turned upside down, but through the challenges we're seeing lots of lovely acts of kindness and connection around our neighbourhoods, such as kind notes from strangers, teddy bears in windows, or funny costumes while putting out the bins.

Every year the Starlight community celebrates Starlight Day where we paint the streets purple and yellow and collect donations to bring happiness to sick kids in hospital. However this year Starlight Day is going to look a bit different!

For the month of May, we'd like to add a bit of a Starlight-y shine to these neighbourly acts of connection with Shine for Starlight. Just as Starlight is a light in the darkness for seriously ill kids, we're encouraging communities to spread happiness by putting up some fun fairy lights, a string of festoon lights, or even some fun solar powered garden gnomes.

Then take a photo and share it in social media with #ShineForStarlight.

Shine for Starlight

Shining for Starlight is easy as...

  1. Pop up some lights! Perhaps some fairy lights in your window, a string of festoon lights or any other creative ways you can make your house shine.
  2. Take a photo of your lights and share it on social media with the hashtag #ShineForStarlight. Don't forget to tag us on Insta (@starlightau) or Facebook (@StarlightAustralia).
  3. Why not get your friends and family involved? Tag them in your post and nominate them to #ShineForStarlight too!

Here's an example post that you might like to include with your photo: Just as Starlight is a light in the darkness for sick kids, I'm celebrating Starlight Day by spreading some happiness and lighting up my neighbourhood for the month of May. Because happiness matters, now more than ever, for sick kids. #ShineForStarlight #StarlightDay

Shine for Starlight

Let's shine a light during these challenging times, and bring some Starlight-y happiness to our communities.

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