At Starlight our most important responsibility is to ensure our programs are provided in an environment that is caring, nurturing and safe for all children and young people. To achieve this, we expect our team to strive for the highest possible standards with respect to safeguarding children and young people from abuse.

We have developed a Safeguarding Children and Young People (SCYP) Policy and SCYP Code of Conduct Policy that guides the Starlight team in their behaviours towards, and in the presence of children and young people to prevent behaviour that may be harmful to them. Starlight also has a SCYP Reporting and Responding Policy which outlines how we will respond to abuse and neglect if it occurs.

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Our SCYP Policy, SCYP Code of Conduct Policy and SCYP Reporting and Responding Policy have all been approved by our National Board of Directors and every member of the Starlight team is committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children and young people participating in our programs.

In particular, we are committed to safeguarding children and young people participating in our programs from any form of sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional or psychological abuse or neglect. 

Copies of our SCYP Policies can be found below:

Information for Children, Young People and Families

Keeping children safe is something everyone can be involved in and we have developed information specifically for parents and guardians, as well as children and young people. This information is available to help everyone understand what they can expect from the Starlight team and how they can contribute to a positive experience when participating in our programs. All information is available in six different languages.

For Kids

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View our information for kids about being safe and feeling safe at Starlight below.

For Young People


Click below to find out how young people can support us to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone participating in Starlight's programs.

For Parents and Guardians

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Click below to find out what you can expect from the Starlight team and how you can support a child safe environment.

Customer Feedback and Complaints

At Starlight we listen to children and young people. We welcome and encourage their feedback as well as feedback from families participating in our programs, donors, supporters and health partners. We are always happy to hear what we are doing well and are just as keen to hear how we can improve. We take complaints seriously.

If you would like to make a complaint or have any feedback you would like to share, here's how you can do it:

  • Phone our Supporter Engagement Team on 1300 727 827 
  • Speak to a Starlight team member 
  • Send us a message here
  • Drop us a line at PO Box 101 St Leonards NSW 1590 
  • Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

However, if your complaint is of a more serious nature, Starlight also offers an independent reporting service. This includes suspected breaches of our Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy and Code of Conduct or other inappropriate workplace behaviour. You can contact the Starlight Reporting Service on 1800 992 487, send an email to or visit

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