Piano pop-up experience strikes the right chord in hospital


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26 Feb '19
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The Hub teamed up with regular collaborators Grumpy Sailor, in bringing a piano with some magical tech whiz-bangery under the hood to families in the Westmead Starlight Express Room.

The piano, initially created by Grumpy Sailor for Google, not only played by itself, but could also be controlled remotely using a smart device.

We set up a cosy little scene for the piano, with a fire crackling beside it, giving a nostalgic nod to another time and place.

Captain Starlight delivered the experience to the children by hiding all that tech, and making kids feel as though they were magic by playing the piano using their minds (think Matilda!). They also discovered that the piano had a personality and could communicate to them if they asked questions of it:

"Piano, do you like it when we play you?" *plays high note* = YES
"Piano, are you happy when we leave at the end of the day?" *plays low note* = NO

The piano also operated as, well just a piano. And we had a range of emerging pianists from the frantic key-bashers right through to actual proteges who could seriously tickle the ivory. We loved hearing the halls of Westmead ring with some good ol' fashioned sing-a-longs!

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