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Your Positive Starlight Experience

What you can expect from us


A positive Starlight experience for all

Positive experiences are at the heart of everything we do at Starlight – whether it’s the sick kids we help, or you, our wonderful supporters.

We’re lucky to have a great team of fundraisers and volunteers in the community representing Starlight and we do all we can to make sure they help you have a fantastic experience with Starlight.

Because positive experiences are so important, your feedback is vital to ensure we can continue to shine brightly!

If there’s anything you’d like to share with us to help make your experience better, please contact our friendly Supporter Engagement Team on 1300 727 827. Our Feedback Guidelines explain how we strive to handle feedback in the best way possible to give you a positive experience.


We maximise the impact of your donation

At Starlight, your donated dollar really has a BIG impact. A study conducted by PwC in 2012 shows that for every $1 invested into our Starlight Express Room program, there's a return of over $4 to the community. Updated figures in 2018 reflect our extended programs reach and an increased return of $5.70 to the community.


Starlight's social return on investment

*PwC research has shown Starlight’s in hospital programs delivers a social return on investment ratio of 4.1:1. Updated figures for 2018 reflect an increased return of 5.7:1


Your donation will bring smiles to the faces of sick kids

Starlight is the only children’s charity with a permanent presence such as our Starlight Express Rooms in every children's hospital in Australia. Our hospital programs do not receive any government funding, so your donations really are essential to bringing fun, play and laughter to sick kids!


We share the stories of children you have helped

We will share amazing stories of bravery and recovery so you can see for yourself, how your support brightens the lives of seriously ill children and their families.


We shine brightly in governance

Governance is really important to us. We adhere to all the relevant Charitable and Trade Practices Acts at both national and state level. Starlight is also a member of the Fundraising Institute Australia, the Public Fundraising Regulatory Authority and the Children’s Charities Leadership Forum.


We care about you

At Starlight we’ll always take the time to thank you for your incredible support, but we want to make sure we’re doing this in a way which works for you. So if you have preferences as to how you’d like us to thank and communicate with you, please let our Supporter Engagement Team know. You can also feel comfortable in knowing we take your privacy and wishes very seriously and we’ll always try our hardest to meet any of your specific needs.

We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy, you can view our privacy policy at

Thank you for supporting Starlight

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