The need for Starlight continues to grow and evolve.  

2019 saw the continued growth of our Starlight Program delivery supporting seriously ill children and young people and their families. This included the expansion of all our programs plus a new Starlight Express Room built and our Starlight Healthier Futures Initiative extended to 136 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

This growth also reflected new programs developed in partnership with health professionals to meet the specific needs of children and their families.



2019 was the first year of our current 3-year strategic plan themed "Think. Achieve. Grow" and we have already achieved significant progress against all our strategic objectives.

In line with our strategic objectives, the reach of Starlight's programs has grown. The total number of Starlight experiences for seriously ill children and young people was 625,508 an increase of 8%.

Starlight's gross income grew by 12.4% over this time and there have been innovations in both our program delivery and fundraising initiatives. Expenditure on Starlight Programs increased 5% in 2019.



As new children’s hospitals are built, there is a need for Starlight to build a new Starlight Express Room in each hospital location. Each of these Starlight Express Rooms requires capital funding, which is incremental to our annual core operational expenditure and is raised through specific capital campaigns.

In 2019 Starlight built a new Starlight Express Room in John Hunters Children's Hospital.



We know the quality and impact of our programs is high and we continue to invest in research to ensure what we do continues to be effective and efficient.

We are also committed to understanding and improving the impact of our Starlight programs. We have completed two Social Return on Investment studies (SROI) to quantify our impact and community value.

These studies highlighted that for every donated dollar we invest in our Starlight in-hospital programs and our online community we return $5.70 & $5.30 respectively to the community in value.

There was a $110m + of total value put back into the community via Starlight's programs delivery.



For a more detailed commentary please see our audited financial reports. We are committed to ensuring our programs are delivered as effectively and efficiently as possible and that we continue to be a strong guardian of the donated dollar.

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