New Captain Starlights Just Landed


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13 Dec '18
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Hospital just got a whole lot brighter for sick kids, with the arrival of 14 new Captain Starlights!

Thanks to the generosity of Starlight supporters, the newest heroes of happiness have trained at the most fun academy in the universe and are now ready to spread happiness to sick kids across the country.

While health professionals focus on treating a child's illness, Captain Starlight captures a sick kid's imagination and creates a healing environment filled with fun, joy and laughter.

Captain Starlight is seen as a central part of the hospital experience for kids and families. Children actively seek out Captain Starlight and happily engage in the imaginary world.

Captain Starlight distracts kids from the pain and stress of their illness, helping them feel happier and more positive about hospital and treatment.

face painting in the Starlight Express Room

All Starlight programs aim to support wellbeing and resilience, and are underpinned by the World Health Organisations social model of health.

Pain, loneliness and isolation can often dominate the lives of children in hospital, and they often miss out on everyday experiences that healthy children take for granted.

Thanks to our supporters, Starlight is there bringing happiness, joy and hope to the whole family.

Through the power of fun and play, Captain Starlight helps sick kids just be kids.

Welcome to Earth Captain Starlights!

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