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26 Jun '18
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At Starlight, we're all about impact. So, we're proud to report that our Social Return on Investment has increased from $4.10 in 2012 to $5.70 in 2018.*

Every $1 invested in Starlight Express Rooms creates $5.70 worth of value!

SROI infographic

That means your donation has far-reaching benefits.  

When a child has fun with Captain Starlight, they’re happier and less anxious which improves their overall health; they’re more responsive to treatment and that helps doctors to see more patients and makes the hospital experience far more positive!

Your support makes all the difference to sick kids like Maddie.

Maddie was just two years old when tragically, tests revealed that she had Stage IV Neuroblastoma.

When she was in intensive care feeling scared and upset, having the fun and distraction of the Starlight Express Room and Captain Starlight took her mind off everything she was going through. Your support helped her cope with her illness and treatment.

Her mum said it was like magic to see the difference as Maddie's tears were replaced with smiles and laughter.

That’s the power your impact has on the lives of sick kids and their families.

*The Starlight Express Room SROI was undertaken by PWC in 2012. Using the benefits identified in the original study, the SROI was updated in 2018 by Starlight and reviewed by PWC.  The update assessed the impact of program changes (e.g. changes in program reach).

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