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Connecting teens living with a serious illness


Livewire is an online community specifically for teens (aged 12-20) living with a serious illness, disability or chronic health condition.

Through Livewire, young people can connect with others who get what they’re going through.

It's a fun and supportive place where young people can chat, share, laugh, get creative and just be themselves.

Livewire helps young people dealing with serious illness feel valued, make friends and learn to cope with stress and anxiety.

It provides valuable peer support and boosts teen’s self-confidence. Knowing there are others in similar situations helps teens feel happier and more positive about life and their condition.

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Livewire has given me a chance to feel 'normal'. It is the only thing that has actually ever made me feel normal. I don't think there is a better group to be a part of.
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Livewire member

Teen using Livewire onlineUnlike other social media, the Livewire online community is safe and free of negativity and judgment.
Livewire is facilitated by fully trained Livewire Chat Hosts who are key to the success of the community making sure that everyone has a fun, positive experience.
Security of our Livewire members is our number one priority. Every member is validated before gaining access to the chat room, ensuring that Livewire remains a safe and secure place for all.

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I love being part of Livewire because the community is so tight knit! It has heaps of awesome blogs to read! I love it because I can finally talk to people who understand what I am going through without blank faces staring back at me!
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Livewire member is mobile-friendly and available 24/7 in Australia and New Zealand. It’s all about choice, so there’s loads of cool features including:

  • Articles
  • Competitions
  • Chat room
  • Newsfeed
  • Events

An Australian initiative, Livewire was developed in 2008 in partnership with leading Australian health professionals to address the growing numbers of teenagers living with serious illness and disability. 

Participants are more resilient, improve social interaction and inclusion, feel a greater self-assurance, and are able to build essential life skills.
(Source: University of Western Sydney study, 2013).

Join Livewire Online.
Please note: Young people under 18 require parental consent.


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