Healthier Futures

Supporting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities


Through Starlight's Healthier Futures Initiative, Captain Starlight visits kids in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Working alongside health professionals throughout communities across the Northern Territory and Western Australia, Captain Starlight entertains kids and performs under the open skies.

Captain Starlight builds trust and sparks lasting relationships between health professionals, kids and the community, easing stress and pressure on healthcare clinics. By engaging with kids through song dance and storytelling, Starlight has helped to boost health clinic attendance. And by enhancing the clinic experience through Captain Starlight’s own brand of fun, community confidence in the healthcare system has increased too.

Community Outreach program in Northern Territory

In 2017, Captain Starlight worked alongside health professionals to make clinic visits a more positive experience for 9,707 children living in remote communities in WA and NT.

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"The Captain Starlights have made a huge difference to the success of the paediatric remote clinics for Aboriginal children needing specialist review! They attract the kids into the clinic and keep them entertained whilst waiting. This has meant we have been able to see more children at these clinics. The kids are happier and the clinics are transformed into fun places!"
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Dr Keith Edwards, Community Paediatrician and Senior Lecturer in Child Health at Flinders University

98% of health professionals and partners we work with in remote communities rated the impact of Captain Starlight on children as significant.

Health professionals highlighted that Captain Starlight:

  • was entertaining and engaging for those involved
  • helped to provide distractions for children and their families
  • allowed health professionals to be more productive by keeping children occupied and engaged during their visit.


Starlight's Reconciliation Action Plan

Starlight is commited to making a positive contribution to reconciliation because a more just, equitable and inclusive Australia will mean a brighter future for all. Find out more about Starlight's Reconciliation Plan.

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