The healing power of play.

Medical treatment is only part of the picture when it comes to the wellbeing of a seriously ill child. While health professionals focus on treating illness, Captain Starlight is the super hero who captures a sick kid's imagination and creates a healing environment filled with entertainment, fun, laughter and joy.

Sporting a silver cape, Captain Starlight is professionally trained to break down barriers and connect with kids to make mayhem, joy and laughter the order of the day.

Our Captain Starlights are a talented bunch. They're highly skilled professional performers who draw on their unique talents - dance, music, art or performance to help sick kids through their most challenging moments.

Captain Starlight's role may seem simple - playing games, telling jokes and performing magic tricks - but it's a critical part of a child's overall care.

Uniquely Australian, our Captain Starlight program was developed in partnership with leading Australian health professionals to complement the Australian healthcare system - it can't be found anywhere else in the world.

You'll find Captain Starlight working their magic in wards and in Starlight Express Rooms in every children's hospital in Australia.

And most recently we've developed Captain Time Wow Podcasts so kids can stay connected to Captain Starlight even when they're between hospital visits or receiving treatment at home!

Captain Starlight with Starlight child

Captain Starlight also produces and broadcasts Starlight TV in every children's hospital around Australia. The twice daily shows provide much needed distraction for children and young people. With Captain Starlight as the host, the shows focus on providing lots of interaction for children confined to the wards. Whether it is a special quiz, a favourite game or a celebrity host, Starlight TV is a highlight for many children.

Our Captain Starlight program increases wellbeing, reduces boredom and anxiety, allows kids to connect with one another in a fun, safe place, which means they are more likely to keep their appointments, which in turn creates a happier and more efficient workplace for health professionals and importantly delivers improved health outcomes

The PWC Social Return On Investment study showed that for every $1 invested into our Starlight Express Rooms, there's a return of over $4 to the community. Updated figures in 2018 reflect our extended programs reach and an increased return of $5.70 to the community.

Captain Starlight is needed seven days a week in every Australian children's hospital. Starlight needs to meet this demand by 2021.

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