If there's one thing our Starlight kids love, it's having fun! And we couldn't provide them with amazing experiences without your generous support; whenever, wherever, and however you want to give it.

We know that Australian's are less and less often carrying around cash, and prefer a quick tap to shuffling around in their pockets for spare change, so we decided to meet you where you're at.

Last year we introduced fixed Tap to Donate terminals, that you may have seen at a selection of retail points. This year, we’re also introducing Shout on ANZ BladePay™ to support donations on the go.


Powering the happy is as easy as 1-2-3

tap and donate help sick kids power the happy
1. Tap your card 2. Help sick kids 3. Power the happy
Donate via Shout Blade devices, or the Quest Donation terminal. You'll support Starlight's many important programs. Your donation brings happiness to sick kids!



tap and donateThanks to Shout for Good and ANZ BladePay™, you can donate on the go. Simply select the amount you want to donate, tap your payWave or PayPass enabled Visa, Mastercard, credit card, smartphone, watch or debit card. American Express and non payPave or PayPass enabled cards can also be used via insert or swipe. Then just pop in your details for a receipt, and you're on your way.

See them in action on Starlight Day, 4th May, at many major CBD locations across Australia, where our happy volunteers will be roaming around to take donations, sell some cool merchandise, and share awesome Starlight stories.


Quest Tap to Donate Terminals

tap and donateBy using our Tap to Donate terminals, it's easy to make a donation with your payWave or PayPass enabled credit or debit card.

Every Starlight Tap to Donate terminal has a fixed donation amount which is displayed on the header card (usually $4).


How does Tap to Donate work?

It works exactly like a contactless eftpos machine. All you have to do is hold your payWave or PayPass enabled Visa or Mastercard up to the 'wave sign' and our standard donation amount is automatically deducted from your linked account.


Do I get a receipt?

The Shout Blade devices can absolutely send you a receipt, either via SMS or email. 

Our Quest Donation Point Tap terminals work like cash collection tins - no receipt is issued. For tax purposes, you can claim a donation between $2 and $10 with your bank statement. If you have made a donation of $10 or more via the Tap to Donate terminal and you would like to receive a Tax Receipt, please call us on 1300 727 827.


Where can I make a donation?

At the moment, you'll see Shout Blade devices at Starlight events, like Starlight Day.

The Tap to Donate terminals are available at select retail points, so be on the look out for one near you!

Alternatively - you can still make a donation, at any time, online.


Which cards can I use?

Shout on ANZ BladePay™ currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and debit cards using payWave or PayPass contactless technology, card insert or swipe. Cards loaded onto digital wallets and devices are also supported.

Quest Tap to Donate terminals currently accepts payWave and PayPass enabled Visa, Mastercard and debit cards.



Please contact us. Thanks for supporting Starlight!


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