Sharing your story is a simple yet powerful way to mobilise support for Starlight.

Your story has the power to paint a compelling image of what Starlight means to a family faced with serious illness.

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Starlight is a ray of hope for sick children and their families. We will be forever grateful for the pure joy they have given my son and family.
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Starlight parent

Stories have the power to move us to tears, laughter and most importantly, to action.

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You can see the relief on the parent's face as their child starts to smile. As a volunteer, I've had parents tearfully thank me as their child skips out of the room with a balloon animal or a picture they just drew.
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Starlight volunteer

Your story can inspire others to support Starlight’s work and motivate them to make a difference. Sharing your Starlight story not only encourages people to take action, it also shows others experiencing the disruption of illness or injury that they are not alone.

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I know first hand how much a Starlight Wish distracts you from your illness by creating memories that will last forever.
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Starlight child

Whether you’re a Starlight family, volunteer or fundraiser, please share your story and inspire more people to support Starlight today.

Share your Starlight Story with the world now.

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