Fundraising Power needed for sick kids


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29 Mar '17
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Is it just us or are fundraisers the happiest people around?

This Starlight Day - Friday 5th May, we need your fundraising support to help Power the Happy for sick kids and raise $1.3 million. So grab your friends, family or colleagues and be part of the happiest fundraising day ever.


When you Power the Happy for sick kids like Ruby you help children in hospital forget about being sick and get back to the fun of being a kid again. But it can't happen without our amazing supporters.

Here are some fun ways to get your fundraising up and running for sick kids:

Happy Days in May...

Power the Happy for sick kids on Starlight Day or any day in May! Have a bake sale, host a sausage sizzle, have a gold coin casual day at work or if you run a business, round up every sale for a day. Whatever you choose, you'll be making the day count for sick kids!

Have a Happy Hour...

Create lasting happiness for seriously ill kids in just one hour. You could donate an hour's pay, get sponsored for an hour's worth of an activity, or if you run a business, you could donate an hour of your sales. Simple, effective and all in 60 minutes!

Power the Happy Your Way...

From fun and fitness to talent quests and quizzes, create a fundraising event that will get everyone on board. Or add a tasty twist and host a morning tea or a sausage sizzle. There's loads of ways you can create a fundraising event that's as unique as you.


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