For kids too sick to leave their ward, Captain Starlight brings the fun to them.

Every day, over 150 Captain Starlights land on Earth to help sick kids across Australia. And for kids like Olivia who are too sick to leave their ward, they deliver a daily dose of fun and happiness straight to their bedside!

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Daily ward visits from Captain Starlight helps sick kids like Olivia cope with their toughest days in hospital – and the demand is only increasing.

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Your donation today will help our mission to help Captain Starlight make over 67,000 more ward visits so that sick kids in hospital don’t miss out on the fun and happiness they need.

“I don’t know how anyone gets though this experience without the assistance of Captain Starlight.”

– Olivia’s mum

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Olivia's Story

When Olivia was diagnosed with a  rare blood cancer at 6 years old, her world became consumed by hospital. Round after round of chemotherapy and constant pain and nausea.

During these long and lonely months, Olivia loved to visit the Starlight Express Room to have fun and just be a kid again. But there were many days when she was too sick to leave her hospital bed because of her rounds of chemo.

Thankfully, she didn’t miss out.

“On those days when she was feeling miserable, Olivia would often not speak to anyone but when Captain Starlight walked through the door she would light up.”

– Olivia’s mum

Up until her final day on the wards, Captain Starlight kept spreading the joy… surprising Olivia with a flash mob on her last day of treatment!

The joy Captain Starlight brings to sick kids is incomparable.