In a matter of days, two-year-old Ava went from being a happy little ball of energy to being diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroblastoma – one of the most aggressive childhood cancers.

Her mum Leanne said the shock of the diagnosis left them numb.

“Our lives were crushed. It is very difficult to absorb that kind of information. It almost feels like it isn’t true. I couldn’t even speak.”

In an instant, hospital became their lives as Ava started 18 gruelling months of treatment, surgery and endless tests and needles.

Thankfully, Ava had Captain Starlight in hospital helping bring back her smile.

Having fun with Captain Starlight helped Ava forget about all she was going through.

That vital happiness helped Ava cope with the scary world of hospital that no two-year-old should have to endure.

Leanne can’t imagine how Ava would get through her agonising months in hospital without the joy and happiness your support brings.

"It's wonderful the impact Starlight has on Ava's wellbeing. Captain Starlight brightens Ava's darkest days – we saw our little girl light up when we thought it was impossible."
- Leanne, Ava's mum

Thankfully during Ava’s agonising months in hospital, she had the fun and joy of Captain Starlight helping her cope with the scary world of hospital and treatment.

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The joy Captain Starlight brings helps Ava cope with the scary world of hospital and treatment.

That’s the difference your support makes.

"Without joy and happiness, children cannot remain mentally well through treatment. Mental wellness is so important to recovery - and Starlight provides happiness to patients through fun and play."
- Ava's mum.