Yes, I'll help sick kids at this critical time

Meet Chayse

Born just 15 months apart, brothers Chayse and Cruze were inseparable. They shared a love of the outdoors and were best mates.

Tragically, Chayse lost his brother Cruze to a rare genetic condition known as LPIN1.

While grieving the sudden loss, Chayse, then 5 was diagnosed with the same condition.

During the family’s agonising time in hospital, they discovered Starlight.

Laughing and having fun with Captain Starlight helps Chayse cope with the fear and isolation of hospital. Chayse’s mum said “We were constantly on edge, so every bit of happiness took the pressure off”.

Captain Starlight gives Chayse something to look forward to and helps turn “grumpy days” around.

“We live with the constant worry that one episode will take Chayse away from us like Cruze was. Knowing that Starlight is there to bring us joy at this critical time is essential to our family’s wellbeing,” Chayse’s mum, Kristen said.

During their darkest times, your support enables Starlight to be there.

And to Starlight supporters she said, “Thank you, you have shown us that there are people in the world who care.”

Bring happiness to a seriously ill child

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards surprising a seriously ill kid with a fun Starlight Activity Pack

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards delivering virtual Captain Starlight visits to seriously ill kids in isolation

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards giving seriously ill kids in hospital daily access to interactive Starlight TV

See the difference happiness makes to seriously ill children like 6-year-old Chayse...

Sick kids urgently need happiness NOW.


“It’s such a scary situation for families like ours with a child who is so susceptible to getting sick. We are doing everything we can to keep Chayse safe and staying away from everyone.”

– Chayse’s mum Kristen


“Aru has been in isolation for weeks now. We have no other option but to send her dad to get groceries and go to work so we can get by. This means Aru and I have to be isolated. There’s no hugs and no daddy time. It’s really hard.”

– Aru’s mum Smital


“Emily is still having to go to hospital for her chemotherapy. It’s so tough for a child to spend so much time in isolation.”

– Emily’s mum Lauren

Your Impact

Through the power of positive distraction, Starlight brings the happiness that is essential to the health and wellbeing of seriously ill children.

Your support helps seriously ill and hospitalised children experience a positive childhood.


Why happiness matters

What happens in childhood lasts a lifetime. Early experiences impact every aspect of a child’s development and we know that a happy childhood makes a lasting difference to lifelong psychological wellbeing, sense of self, social connections and healthy behaviours.


The Impact of Starlight programs

  • Helps make hospital a more positive experience
  • Helps children cope with fear, stress and isolation
  • Builds confidence, resilience and optimism for the future
  • Improves a child’s sense of well-being
  • Supports family cohesiveness