Nora in hospital with her mother


At just 8 months old, Nora was diagnosed with the rare childhood cancer neuroblastoma.

The family was torn apart as Nora spent agonising months in hospital enduring surgery, tests, scans and gruelling rounds of chemotherapy.

Thankfully, because of Starlight’s generous donors, Nora received a priceless gift of happiness – her Starlight Wish came true.

Nora got to spend precious time away with her family in her very own camper trailer. This time together was a great distraction from the pain and fear of hospital.


“This Christmas, there are still 114 seriously ill children like Nora waiting for the happiness of their Starlight Wish. By donating today you can help change the lives of other seriously ill children like Zayviar, Paige and Gus.” – Louise Baxter, CEO of Starlight Children’s Foundation


Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards granting Gus' wish to attend the Supercross in Melbourne

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards granting Zayviar’s wish to go on a big cruise ship.

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards granting Paige’s wish to meet a real life mermaid

This is what a wish means! See the power of your support creating lasting happiness for Nora and her family…

See the difference your support makes


Zayviar's Starlight Wish


Zayviar was born with a rare genetic condition which affects brain development. To manage his complex health conditions, hospital is part of his life. With so much of their lives consumed by hospital and treatment, his family often miss out on the usual fun activities that other families enjoy.

“My Starlight Wish to go on a big cruise ship will mean that I can have some fun with my family and not have to worry about seeing any doctors.” – Zayviar

Paige's Starlight Wish


At just 5 years old Paige was diagnosed with leukaemia. The family made the difficult decision to relocate from their home in Canberra to Sydney for Paige’s hospital treatment. During her long months in hospital, Paige dreamt of splashing about playing mermaids in the pool.

“My Starlight Wish to meet a mermaid will mean our family can be together again and I can swim all day in the pool with my sister Phoebe.” – Paige

Gus' Starlight Wish


Gus was just 10 years old, when doctors diagnosed him with Wilson’s Disease. As a result, Gus’ day-to-day activities are now very limited. He can no longer ride his beloved motorbike or play contact sports and is often too unwell to go to school.

“My Starlight Wish to go to the Supercross bike race would be a dream come true. Experiencing this amazing event together as a family will be awesome.” – Gus


Starlight Wishes are life-changing gifts of happiness for seriously ill children. They:

  • Help kids feel empowered by being able to choose their Starlight Wish
  • Distract kids from their illness and treatment
  • Lift a child’s mood and gives them something to look forward to during treatment
  • Give families time to reconnect & share in a positive experience
  • Provide respite from day-to-day routine of hospital and treatment
  • Create an increased sense of well-being, resilience & hope for the future
Nora with bravery medal