October 29th 2018 is a date etched into Kate and James’ minds forever. It was the day their bright and bubbly daughter Paige was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

She’d just turned 5.

Suddenly the family were in the scary and unfamiliar world of hospital wards, isolation, tests, scans and needles.

Instead of dancing and having fun playing mermaids with her sister, Paige was in hospital for months on end. Chemotherapy left her exhausted, in pain and often too unwell to leave her hospital bed

But amid the pain and sadness, something magical happened.

Captain Starlights arrived on the ward.

The minute Paige saw them, her face lit up and her mood was lifted.

She got to laugh and play and be a kid again.

That happiness helped Paige cope with her long months in hospital.

Starlight helped make Paige’s time in hospital a happier and more positive experience and her mum Kate is so thankful to Starlight supporters.

“Starlight has been our light and what they do for families like ours is so important.”

Will you help bring happiness to a seriously ill child?

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards providing arts and crafts for Captain Starlight to entertain sick kids on the wards

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards Captain Starlight bringing happiness to a child too sick to leave their hospital bed

Donate One Off SER 1


goes towards funding an additional Captain Starlight to ensure we can reach 14,000 sick kids this month.

Just $39 can help brighten the life of a seriously ill child like Paige who spends much of her time in hospital.

Paige Starlight Child

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Your support will help bring the fun of Captain Starlight to kids in hospital wards across Australia.

Our Captain Starlight program:

  • Provides a positive hospital experience
  • Reduces stress, tension and anxiety
  • Improves a child’s well-being
  • Supports family cohesiveness
  • Increases health care participation and enhances health outcomes