Darwin's new Starlight Express Room


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23 Oct '17
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Starlight Express Rooms are such an integral part of our hospital programs - they're where sick kids and their families can leave the stress and loneliness of hospital at the door, and just chill out and have some much-needed fun (fact: there's a Starlight Express Room in every children's hospital in Australia!)

We're so thrilled to announce that we've just opened a brand new Starlight Express Room in the Royal Darwin Hospital! Check it out: 

Darwin Starlight Express Room

There's a few extra special things about this new space; first of all, water views! You can see the ocean from the room, which is a really lovely, calming touch (especially when you're cooped up in hospital!) 

It's also got the latest in technology, including floor projection in the entry space (for interactive gaming!), Starlight TV (which is actually a first for Darwin) and of course, some pretty awesome art and craft. 

The Darwin Starlight Express Room has been so important for sick kids like Zachary, who turned to Captain Starlight and the Starlight Express Room when he was diagnosed with an infectious disease.

Zachary on Starlight TV

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Captain Starlight was able to put a smile on Zachary's face (and ours), and the Starlight Express Room gave us all an escape from everything that was going on.
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Rachael, Zachary's mum

With the help of some very special guests, we officially launched this amazing new Starlight Express Room on 24 October 2017!

It was an inspirational morning of thankfulness, celebration and some pretty yummy cake! Not only was Captain Starlight there to make sure everyone had a great time, but Starlight child Zach and his family came, as well as Hawks player Cyril Rioli, Outback Wrangler Matt Wright, Star Ball Darwin Chairman Justin Coleman and the wonderful team of supporters who made this new Starlight Express Room a reality. 

Darwin Starlight Express Room launch

We kicked off the celebrations in true Captain Starlight style, with a fun little game of Q&A, where Cyril, Matt and Justin answered questions like "What would your Captain Starlight name be?" (asking the tough questions!) Cyril's was Captain Redbeard, Matt's was Captain Wranger and Justin's was Captain Dancer - some pretty great ideas, there!

Darwin Starlight Express Room launch Q&A

After the fun and games, it was time to get down to official business - Cyril headed to the front of the room with Starlight child Zach to do the honours; cutting the purple ribbon and officially opening the Darwin Starlight Express Room!  

Darwin Starlight Express Room launch ribbon cutting

And wrapping up the morning in an especially delicious fashion, Cyril and Zach headed over to the rocket cake, which Zach got stuck into with heaps of enthusiasm (let's just say there was a little bit of icing on his face by the end of it!) 

Darwin Starlight Express Room launch cutting cake

To the Star Ball Committee, Michael Sitzler, Toby Preece and the team at Sitzler, major donors the Hooper Shaw family, the Royal Darwin Hospital team and everyone else who has supported Starlight - thank you so much. We couldn't have done it without you! 

To help fund the new Starlight Express Room at the Royal Darwin Hospital and help kids like Zachary, please donate today or for major contributions towards the build costs and running of the room, you can contact our CEO Louise Baxter at ceo@starlight.org.au or call (02) 8425 9546.

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