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16 Apr '18
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Here's a snapshot of all the fun and games happening in Starlight Express Rooms across the country...

Photoshop creates photo opp!

Teens love taking photos, so Livewire tapped into that passion and gave them some new skills too. Over six weeks, Livewire teens developed their Photoshop skills and created original works focusing on facial features. Over 30 amazing photos were then shown at Livewire's Face Off exhibition.

Livewire exhibition

A virtual hunt for hidden treasure

In a first for Starlight, augmented reality has become a reality in our Starlight Express Rooms! Using a special app and device, the kids hunt for 'treasures' hidden by Captain Starlight around the Starlight Express Room or ward and hold their device up to 'capture' the treasure. Once a treasure has been found, it magically comes to life on the device! The kids felt so proud of their accomplishment in finding all the treasure! Another innovative new experience making hospital a happier place for sick kids.

Virtual Starlight Express Room

Castaway in hospital

A scavenger hunt in hospital? With Captain Starlight, anything's possible! Kids took part in some fun challenges during Starlight's Sports and Games month. Each ward became its own 'tribe' and competed in a number of 'survivor-style' challenges before the ultimate Starvivor was crowned!


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