10,000th Starlight Wish: DAY 4


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06 Oct '17
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"Excuse me sir, can I take a look at your license?"

Here we are - the fourth and final day of Sy's Starlight Wish! Time really does fly when you're an honorary 10-year-old policeman.

There's been all sorts of police fun; from training, to being officially welcomed into the Victoria Police force, to getting up close and personal with police dogs, but we saved the best 'til last.

Today's the day Sy partnered up with his hero Sgt Mick McCrann (dream team or what?) and pulled over his dad!

To make the last day of his Starlight Wish even more special, Mick kicked off Sy's day by personally picking him up from the hotel, and taking him for a spin in his police car. It’s probably the tenth police car Sy's been in since his Starlight Wish began a few days ago, but his eyes light up the same way every single time.

Sy and Mick at police car
After cruising around in the car, it was time for serious business - Sy and Mick were officially on patrol, looking out for any suspicious activity.

It wasn't long before they came across a blue 4WD, and things didn't look quite right - so it was lights and sirens on, time to pull them over!

And when they did, what do you know - the driver was none other than Sy's dad! Partners Mick and Sy approached his window, questioned him, and took his license. With Mick by his side, Sy was an absolute natural (you could tell he'd practiced!).

Sy and Mick pulling over Sy's dad
Ultimately, Dad was issued a hefty $5 fine for committing what is probably one of the most serious infringements in the books - an infringement for not not buying Sy an ice cream before 11am!

To say Sy had a blast is an understatement. Partnering up with Mick to pull over dad was what Sy had dreamt of since the beginning of his Starlight Wish experience, so to see his face when it came true was priceless! He and Mick really did make a great team.

After the perp (Dad) was given his fine, Sy decided he was free to go. Just another day on the beat!

The final item on Sy's Starlight Wish agenda was a visit to the police airwings, which Mick personally took Sy to. Here, he got to learn all about police helicopters and after being briefed by the search and rescue team, Sy watched a landing, was winched up in the air and even did a flight simulation!

Wai and Mick on the police helicopter

Policeman on the land, water AND in the air – talk about an allrounder!

Sy inside helicopter
When it was time to wrap it up and say goodbye, we had a little chat with Mick and he let us know how humbled he was that out of all the family holidays, video games, pets and more that Sy could have chosen for his Starlight Wish, he chose him (cute!). There was laughs all round as Sy and his family said goodbye to the police and headed back to the hotel - with Sy feeling on top of the world having just lived out his ultimate policeman dream!

What an incredible experience our 10,000th Starlight Wish has been! If you want to relive Sy's Starlight Wish, check out our blog and have a read of our daily updates.

Over and out!

Sy helicopter

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