10,000th Starlight Wish: DAY 3


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05 Oct '17
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A taste of life on the water as a policeman

As newly inducted policeman, Sy knows the men and women in blue not only help people on dry land, but they're out helping people on the water too!

So today, with police escort in tow, Sy headed to Williamstown to meet up with the Victorian Water Police Search and Rescue Squad for a taste of life on the water as a policeman.

Sy with police on deck

Always ready for action, Sy had his police badge and lifejacket on as he and his family were taken on a special behind the scenes tour of the facility. Sy had a good look around, checking out the heavy scuba diving equipment, the boats docked in the harbour, and even a super cool jet ski!

Sy on jetski

Sy steering police boat

Knowing just how much Sy loves riding in police cars, the Water Police thought he'd have a ball on a police boat. And they weren't wrong! Sy jumped aboard, and loved every minute of it. Cruising along the water, turning the police lights on... the sun even came out just in time (talk about a Kodak moment)!

Sy on police boat

Back on land, Sy and his family sat down to enjoy a relaxing lunch at the park... it's tough being a policeman, so downtime is essential! Plus, Sy needs to get as much rest as possible ahead of the big day tomorrow; the final day of his Starlight Wish, where he jumps in a Highway Patrol car and pulls over his dad!

Make sure you stay tuned on our blog for our daily updates (the big day pulling over Sy's dad is right around the corner!), as well as on our social media for some special live moments. Our 10,000th Starlight Wish certainly is turning out to be a huge one!

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