10,000th Starlight Wish: DAY 2


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04 Oct '17
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The force's most courageous new recruit!

If you thought Day 1 of Sy's Starlight Wish was exciting, wait until you hear about what he got up to today! (Hint: the Victoria Police now have a super cute 10-year-old officer in their midst).
After proudly putting on his custom-made VICPOL uniform this morning, Sy was up and at 'em for the first police activity for the day - visiting the Mounted Branch to get up close and personal with police horses and dogs. Of course, a police escort was at the ready to accompany him on the journey (we're not skimping on the VIP treatment, here!).

Having met a few furry police dogs already on his Starlight Wish, Sy got to see behind the scenes at all the training needed to get these four-legged heroes ready for duty - horses included! Safe to say loyal partners in crime never looked so cute! Sy's favourite horse was Tarzan, and he had so much fun helping to train him up.
 Sy with police horse

Next on the agenda was the driving practice circuit! Side note: have we mentioned how much Sy loves police cars? His eyes light up every single time he sees those blue and red lights, you'd almost think he'd never seen them before!

Sy in the police car
Sy jumped in the SS police car with VICPOL (it's the fastest in the force - not too fast while Sy was in it, though!) where they dodged traffic cones, chased his dad in the car ahead and even breathalyzed him - good practice for Friday's agenda, right?!

Sy breathalyzing Dad
After a little break, it was straight off to Police Headquarters for a very special ceremony to cap off the day. Remember how we mentioned VICPOL having a brand new 10-year-old officer amongst their ranks? Well, surrounded by his family and multiple members of the VICPOL team who came out for the momentous occasion, Victoria Deputy Police Commissioner Shane Patton welcomed Sy into the Victoria Police Force! He got a certificate AND his very own police name badge, too - talk about official!

Sy with certificate
Make sure you stay tuned on our blog for more daily updates over the next two days (we've got police boats and the big day pulling over Sy's dad coming up!), as well as on our social media for some special live moments. Our 10,000th Starlight Wish is set to be a huge one!

Sy in police vest

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